2008 SHDHS Student of the Year nominee Bryce Halpenny

Bryce Halpenny
Parents: Scott and Denise Halpenny of Exeter
Nickname: B-Rice, Brizzo, Bryzness
Known for: Volleyball. It’s my passion.
Fall 2008: UWO for Engineering
Most Memorable Moment: The last game of WOSSAA volleyball. It was a bad day, we got last, but it was also one of our best days because it was one of the best games we played.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Too many things to list. I do a lot of things people find embarrassing, but I’m used to it.
Regret: I wish I had done more than sports.
Thank you: to my best friend Marcus, who made my year a lot better. I’d also like to thank Miss Bowers, Miss Migchels and Miss Hawley. Those three teachers were my favourite this year. And my family. My mom has helped me through a lot.
Sorry to: my dad. He doesn’t want me to leave.