2008 SHDHS Student of the Year nominee Marcus Haccius

Marcus Haccius
Parents: Hubertus and Linda Haccius of Shipka
Nickname: Man, Chocolate, Coconut, Tiny
Known for: Announcement guy, and drama
Fall 2008: Beal for Musical Theatre
Most Memorable Moment: In Grade 10 I belly danced in front of the whole school.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Belly dancing in Grade 10. Comedy night in Grade 11, but also one of the most memorable. I just did the roles no one else wanted to do. Screwing up lines in Our Town and trying to make it sound like they actually said those things in 1901.
Thank you: to my parents and family and friends. All my classmates and the community for supporting our events.
Sorry to: all those people for being myself.