View from the Strip
By Casey Lessard

This is the time of year, it seems, when good things start happening. We’ve just recovered from the Olympics with its thrilling ending, the snow seems to be gone for good, and our chihuahua can now handle a walk that lasts longer than three minutes.
But here at the Strip, we have many more things to celebrate. Our friends at South Huron’s music department continue their MusicFest winning ways, James Eddington took a much needed vacation, and Angela is weeks away from finishing her degree. Then there are the awards. Where do I start? It’s a good year, that’s for sure.
When I started the Grand Bend Strip, my intention was to make it one of the best newspapers in Ontario, and maybe even Canada. Each issue, the goal is to give you the best photos and most interesting stories I can find related to your community and interests. This work has paid off with one CCNA win, two OCNA wins, and many top three finishes in the first two years.
This year is different, though. Now, the Strip is nominated for best paper in Ontario, and this after only three years of publication. My photography is recognized again, and a variety of photos and writing samples are nominated for two CCNA awards and more OCNA awards than any other paper, large or small, in Ontario.
That was a surprise. This is likely one of the smallest publications in Ontario, after all. But the honours are a tribute to you, the people who are reading this column.
Without your support, the paper would have folded last summer under the financial strain of making this work every time.
So thank you for your continued support. Just one more thing to ask of you: cross your fingers Friday, May 14 that I come home with something that will really make you proud.