Lance Bedard is Restless to get back into studio

Grand Bend Canada Day 2009 festivities
Wednesday, July 1 – Main Beach
4:30 p.m. – Ken Dinel’s The Band In You students present rock music
5 p.m. – Ruth’s Hat, Lance Bedard, Brian Dale, Vintage Moments
10 p.m. – fireworks

Zurich native Lance Bedard is on a roll after launching his debut solo CD, Restless, this spring; he’s already working on the second.
“I just went back in the studio last week,” Bedard says, “and I’m waiting on a reply for another (recording) grant so I can release a CD in the next year and a half.”
Bedard’s debut was recorded in Goderich at Dig Productions, where Rob McKercher blended Bedard’s sound with guests Nick Haberer, Marcel Gelinas and Mike Klaassen.
“You write a song, but you hear everything else,” he says, describing the value of collaborating with other artists. “You hear it in your head, but you can’t do it all at once. So when you finally get a chance to build a song from a small four chord progression to a full band production, that gets you fired up to make more music.”
Success at local gigs gave him the push he needed to record the songs he started writing more than five years ago. Early experiences with the Pillowheads and Point of Impact gave him his first exposure to putting together a studio album, but this time, he took the process much more seriously.
“To put this out on my own was something I always wanted to do and to get it out to everyone was the greatest feeling in the world. It’s probably my biggest accomplishment since I entered the music industry. To get everyone’s positive feedback made it all the better.”
Now the push is on to sell, sell, sell. He recently hired a manager to promote his work.
“This guy could take me to the next level. If I hadn’t made the CD, I wouldn’t have this opportunity.”
So it’s back in the studio for round two.
“Hearing the way the music is played and changing is an addicting process. You go there every day and you’re excited about making music. Just hearing yourself and some of the things you can do, it’s like raising a child.”
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