Brian Dale realizes CD dream

Grand Bend Canada Day 2009 festivities
Wednesday, July 1 – Main Beach
4:30 p.m. – Ken Dinel’s The Band In You students present rock music
5 p.m. – Ruth’s Hat, Lance Bedard, Brian Dale, Vintage Moments
10 p.m. – fireworks

Long-time Grand Bend performer Brian Dale has finally gotten around to putting together a CD for his fans, and he can’t wait to get it in their hands. There’s a catch, though; a manufacturing delay means it will be two weeks after the July 1 launch party (as part of Grand Bend’s Canada Day celebrations) before he can deliver the product.
“I could have done it a long time ago and pushed it and rushed it,” Dale says. “I didn’t want to force it.”
After all, after 15 years performing, you can wait two extra weeks for your first CD, right?
“I’ve been putting it off for close to 10 years,” Dale says. “It always seemed like whenever I got the time and money to do it, I would go on vacation and spend all of my time and money.
“I came home for Christmas from Costa Rica and was planning on going back. I went up to this little studio in Goderich that Lance Bedard was recording at, and he introduced me to the engineer. I finally decided I needed to get this done. ”
Although he won’t have the CD, tentatively titled peace/love/waves/song as a tribute to his email signoff, ready by the Canada Day event, he will be distributing free preview copies of a single from the album at the event. The CD will have 11 tracks, all originals written over the last 15 years. Some are old favourites for fans, while others are new songs to most.
“The songs were always written and performed acoustically. I always had a picture in my head of what the songs would sound like and I had never put it together with a group. Once I started recording, the songs matured, even more than we were expecting.”
“It’s been a long time coming, but we’re really, really happy with the way it’s turned out.”
Just what fans want to hear.
Brian Dale’s CD peace/love/waves/song will be available for $15 at Archies and local bars where he performs, and through online retailers. To learn more, visit his facebook fan page.