Letter to the Editor – Horticultural Society

To the Editor,
After our successful ‘Home and Garden’ tour on July 5, the Horticultural Society asked our members for suggestions on spending some of the money to improve areas around the Bend. Sharon Solden asked that we consider doing something with the very neglected front at the public school. The executive decided that because the school/library is used by so many residents, it was a good idea and we, some of the students and a parent, Joe Hotson (he roto-tilled the area for us) completed the work.
Paul and Anita from Westland Greenhouses donated beautiful fall mum plants and everything was completed in time for ‘Meet the Teacher’ night on Thursday.
In the spring we are going to plant pink and purple coloured plants so the gardens will be ready for the ‘Community in Bloom’ judges to have a look at next year. Pink and purple are the colours they are suggesting for next year and we are going to talk to as many people as we can reach in the area to plant their gardens in pink and purple. 
Please mark your calendar for June 27 next year. That is the date for our next ‘Home and Garden’ tour.
Bob Putherbough
Grand Bend Horticultural Society