Letter to the Editor – ALS

To the Editor,
Every year for six years our family has participated in The Walk to D’feet ALS, as my grandfather died from ALS in October 4th, 1985. This year my daughters, aged four and six, wanted to raise money and brainstormed for ideas.
First my daughter Abby wanted to sell live turkeys to people but we explained why that could not happen. Instead, they held a charity barbecue at Hayter’s Turkey Products and raised $450, and with other donations they raised over $850 this year. Abby and Emma wrote letters to No Frills and Sobeys for donations, which the support they received was amazing and we thank them so much for their support as well as Hayter’s for donating all of the turkey burgers and turkey hot dogs.
Emma is in one in the huge t-shirt,  Abby is in the pink,  then there is me (in brown) and my mom Jean Mclean (Nana) it was the 4 of us just after we all finished the walk. 
Jenn Maguire
Grand Bend