Food feature – Smoky Hollow Farms

Smoky Hollow Farms
Owner: Joan Brady
Where: Grand Bend Farmers’ Market

Brady is one of the members of the original steering committee for the Grand Bend Farmers’ Market. A former full-time hog farmer, she sold her 125 acre, 90 sow farm outside of Dashwood and now owns a five-acre plot northeast of Grand Bend.
“We didn’t see a lot of hope or future in the hog industry and we sold the farm in 2006. I like to play in the dirt, so this place suited me well.
“We still have 40 hogs under our roof, and we take out 10-12 every year to sell. When you have a good butcher – we use Metzger Meats – you can dare to sell your products.
“I have perennial cut flowers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, herbs, raspberries for our own use, and strawberries that were frosted off this spring.
“Local food is better because it’s fresher. It holds onto the nutrients and for the most part, people support the market because they want to support local farmers. It gives the town of Grand Bend a bit of flavour as well.”