Food feature – Bayfield Berry

Bayfield Berry
Owner: Marlene O’Brien
Where: Grand Bend Farmers’ Market and Pinery Flea & Farmers’ Market

Bayfield Berry has a variety of produce, but their specialty is berries, and they carry one unique to this region of Ontario. Saskatoon berries were imported from Saskatchewan and are grown at their farm northeast of Bayfield.
“Saskatoon berries are between a blueberry and a blackberry, and once you bake with it, it has a taste of almond.
“You can eat them fresh or baked. A lot of families like to do their own jams and they want a fresh product, which has a different flavour than when it’s been sitting on a shelf for a week.
“Farmers’ markets get our name out and hit a unique crowd that come just for the product. They know it’s on a Wednesday or Sunday and they plan their day around it.”