2008 SHDHS Student of the Year nominee Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson
Parents: Ron and Frances Anderson of Exeter
Nickname: Katie, Kathleen, Katelyn
Known for: Running
Fall 2008: McMaster for Science
Most Memorable Moment: In Grade 10, our music trip to Ottawa. The whole band went and there were only a couple of Grade 10s in the concert band, so they rented a huge coach bus but there wasn’t enough seats, so all the Grade 10s had to go in this little van, and Loughlin threw up in the little van. The driver was crazy. And they all made this huge joke that the Grade 10s were treated unfairly.
In 10 years I will be… hoping to get my G2.
Thank you: to everyone.
Sorry to: Mr. Moore for always showing up late. I live basically beside the school and I’m never on time for band practice.