2008 SHDHS Student of the Year nominee Janita Pfaff

Janita Pfaff
Parents: Dennis and Marian, outside of Crediton
Nickname: Juanita, JP, Jan-Jan
Known for: Thinking outside of the box
Fall 2008: UWO-Fanshawe for Collaborative Nursing
Most Memorable Moment: Field hockey this year. The final game that we played against Goderich is the most memorable, but it’s not pleasant. We lost by one goal and it was a penalty stroke and no one knows what it was called for. It haunts my dreams.
Most Embarrassing Moment: All my moments are embarrassing.
Thanks to: peers, coaches, teachers, staff. Jim Workman has been a big influence. Miss Jantzi and Ms. Burrell.
Sorry to: mom and dad. We’ve had some highs and lows. Just the whole growing up thing.