Show a Playhouse professional Huron hospitality this summer

Story by Casey Lessard

Drayton Entertainment is gearing up for the summer season at the Huron Country Playhouse, but needs your help finding accommodations for its cast and crew. More than 100 people will need a place to stay for their time here, which can range from five weeks to the whole summer.

“It’s a great way to bring in some extra money if you have an empty room or two in your home, or a private apartment, basement apartment, or empty cottage that would be available during the summer,” facility manager Paul Pembleton said in a release. “Some of our accommodation partners open their homes to several actors for the entire season while others choose to house an actor for just one five-week period.”

Proximity to the Playhouse is important, but some performers will have access to vehicles, so communities other than Grand Bend are an option for them.

Pembleton says the average accommodation rate is about $100 per week – with certain amenities that must be included, such as cooking and washroom facilities. Most productions run for three weeks, plus an additional two weeks of rehearsals.

“We rely heavily on the community’s support and generosity to help maintain the calibre of production that our patrons have come to expect and Huron County never lets us down,” Pembleton says. “Everyone loves coming to this area. They always feel very welcomed into the community.”

For more information, or to add your name to the list for available housing, please call Paul Pembleton at (519) 238-8387 ext. 50.