Life with mamma’s boys and daddy’s girls

Fido… Come… Sit
By Yvonne Passmore

Do you find that men get along better with female dogs and women with male dogs? That’s seems to be the way it works in my household.
I have two female dogs and one male. My boy dog is crazy about me. He seems to love me unconditionally. He doesn’t get antsy about not going for a walk if the weather is lousy. He isn’t always looking for something to do when I’m with him. When we go out for off-leash runs it’s almost impossible to get him out of my sight since he is always checking to see where I am. At home, he’s happiest lying in bed next to me. He just wants to be by my side. I love my mamma’s boy.
My girls are a different story. I love them as well, but their love and adoration towards me seems to come from a different place. Their first priority, or so it seems, is themselves. They are always looking to me for something, whether it be a walk, a run, a swim or a round of fetch. My one female will follow me around all day waiting for a big event. My other female pays no attention to me at all until it’s time for a big event. I know they love and respect me, but I have the feeling that they are using me.
I think they feel that I’m here for their amusement. I suppose I am. I do take care of their emotional and physical needs and wants. It just seems a little one-sided.
They are all great dogs. They are respectful and mindful and I enjoy taking them out and watching them run, swim and play. They keep me busy and active. Without them I know that I’d be putting on a lot more pounds than I already am. I guess that’s my pay off, but I still have the feeling that the girls aren’t giving me the same unconditional love that my boy gives.
Maybe part of the explanation is that I have sons. I admit that I have a better mental connection with little boys than I do with girls, especially young ones. After all, dogs are like two-year-old children. Is this connection the reason I prefer male dogs to females?
With my male dogs, what I see is what I get. With my girls, there is an ulterior motive for their actions. I know that if they are giving me kisses, they want something.
I spend all day with my dogs. I walk them, feed them, groom them, pet them and take care of all their needs. Once my husband is home, I may as well fall off the planet. At that point the girls have no further use for me. Again, I know they love and respect me, but my girl dogs adore my husband and vice versa. They have a way of lowering their heads and raising their eyes to him that makes him give them all the food from his plate. My husband likes my boy dog, but he doesn’t have that same urge to be willing to starve when my boy dog tries to look at him the same way. Good thing I’m in charge of feedings.

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