Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Joan Love hopes charity will spread like fire, especially when people stop by her house to buy campfire starters she is making out of wax, wood chips, and candle wicks. The idea fulfills a challenge by Reverend Harry Disher, who gave a group of congregants at a swim meet $1 each as seed money to raise funds for a good cause. Love’s firestarters are inspired by a cub scout idea.
“They work excellent in a campfire and in a woodstove,” Love says. “They last maybe 20 minutes to half an hour. People who use them are really impressed at how well they work.”
People have donated almost all the materials to Love; she spent the $1 seed money on twist ties to seal the packaging.
Priced at $1 for four starters, interested readers can stop by her home on Highway 81, just south of Crediton Road. A firewood trailer on the lawn has starters in milk bags and an honour jar for payments. All proceeds go to the Caring through Sharing program that buys canned and dry goods for the local food bank, as well as covering medical expenses not covered by OHIP.