Strathroy newcomer steals Camelot stage

Story by Casey Lessard

Fresh out of college, fresh-faced Thomas Alderson of Strathroy is hogging the spotlight in Camelot, playing now to July 25 at the Huron Country Playhouse.
“It’s a dream come true,” says the 21-year-old, whose mother Mary writes theatre reviews and other newspapers. “I grew up coming to see every show here for the last 20 years, and I always joked with my mom that if I ever lived in Grand Bend, I would come and live with her. I was thinking that would be a few years from now. I just graduated from Sheridan College two months ago, and I was so lucky to get this job.”
Luck seems to have little to do with it; Alderson perfectly portrays the conniving Mordred, who draws the play to its climax. Still, Alderson believes fortune played a role in getting him here.
“It was all luck,” he says. “Drayton Entertainment did High School Musical live and because I look young, that’s a show I can be in, right? Through that, I got an audition for Camelot and the stars aligned.”
The role of villain is a new experience for Alderson, and he says he needs to stay focused because of the fact that he plays such a pivotal part.
“I don’t come in until intermission, so I have time to do my hair the way I like it and get ready. Then I hide in the tree before I come out, and I listen to their (Arthur and Guenevere’s) song. It’s like Mordred’s actually spying on them. I’m able to plot and then I come out and give ‘er.”
And he’ll be “givin’ ‘er” for a while. The show is going on tour across North America from October to March, with a stop at the John Labatt Centre in London.
“When I heard the possibility this would go on tour, I thought that was crazy. That IS my dream come true. That takes us through to March. After that, who knows? Maybe back here again.”
And back in with mom. Why not? At this pace, he’s got a long career away from home ahead of him.
For tickets, call the box office at 519-238-6000 or visit