Sign at a pool: The P is already in Pool, so please don’t add yours to it.
Sign on a lawn: What leaves your dog’s behind, please don’t leave behind.

Advice from Mom
By Rita Lessard

Waste! How is it that we have so much waste? I suppose it’s simple enough to figure out. As a wasteful society, we have way too much stuff. I was talking the other day about recycling when I was at Curves, and Anne Armstrong claimed to be the queen of recycling. I told her she should join forces with Tom because he’s the absolute best when it comes to recycling; at least, I can’t keep up with him. I usually put most of the paper and cardboard on the counter and let him get on with his pastime. Perhaps he should give lessons on this very important subject.
Waste is so abundant that people not only waste stuff, but they also waste time, energy and opportunity. At work, people waste time and the boss’ money. Not too long ago, I heard a worker complaining about how dumb their boss was. What they don’t realize is that they’d be out of a job if their dumb boss were any smarter. In this economy, they really should watch their mouths, which are usually working overtime while their minds are on vacation.
On March 4, we were blessed with a new grandson, Jonah, a little brother for Will and a second son for Bill and Christine. Kids are so great and very smart. I recall bragging one day about how smart one of my sons was because he was able to walk at nine months. My neighbour looked at me and said, “You call that intelligent? When my Sara was that old, she let me carry her.” Right! So much for being proud.
Well, it doesn’t matter because all of my sons have been able to stand on their own two feet and it’s especially nice when they walk in the house and say, I love you mom. I wonder if Sara can do that. Meow!
Thoughts for the month: keep smiling, be cheerful and good luck to all the students who are getting ready to finish their school year. Make us proud!

Dandelion solution
I suppose we had better get used to the colour yellow on our lawns. Although green is my favourite colour, I can live with yellow now that the ban on pesticides has been issued. That’s a good reason for the family to pull together and make a summer project of pulling weeds. It’s been suggested that hot water and vinegar will get rid of dandelions. It’s up to you!
Have fun and enjoy the summer.