Golf Tips – Spring refresher

Golf Tips
By Cameron Rankin
Sand Hills Golf Resort

It’s time to get ready for a long summer season. Remember the following:
Check your grips. Shiny or worn grips will rob you of distance. Clean with powdered Comet or Ajax. Don’t forget your putter grip!
Make sure you have a new set of soft spikes in your shoes.
Arrive early for your tee-time, hit a few balls on the range, hit some chips and putts.

Remember the fundamentals
Check these six fundamentals before you make any changes to your swing motion. Remember most swing faults are caused by incorrect fundamentals.
Position your club head: the leading edge of your club should be at right angles to your intended target.
The Grip: you should see 2 to 2 1/2 knuckles on the back of your dominant hand when you look down on your hands at the address position. Remember to grip the club in your fingers not palms.
Stance: feet shoulder width apart, wider with longer clubs, narrower with shorter clubs.
Ball position: forward in stance with long clubs, gradually moving back to the middle of your stance with the shorter clubs.
Posture: bend over from the waist, keeping your spine as straight as possible, slight leg flex, arms should hang straight down from your shoulders, the base of your spine should feel slightly concave.
Alignment: your body and stance should be positioned parallel left (for lefties, right for righties) of your intended target. Think of a mini railway line, your club head and ball on the far track and your body on the near track.