Adding curb appeal

Eye for Design
By Lorette Mawson

As I sit here listening to rain and howling wind, I am reminded of the beautiful afternoon I recently spent raking. Considering everyone is ready to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, adding curb appeal can be a great project if you are thinking about selling your home or if you just want to perk things up a notch.
I always start by walking around the property, looking for peeling paint on windows, railings, fences, etc., and making sure all of these are still safe. Once that is done, I stand back and take a look at the front door: is it tired looking? How about light fixtures: are they in good condition or could they use sprucing up? New paint and light fixtures are great ways to start amping up your curb appeal. Other ideas include replacing door hardware and numbers if they have seen better days.
Now time for the fun. Consider adding a wreath to your door and maybe some planters. If watering is not your cup of tea, the selection of artificial shrubs you’ll find these days is stunning, and by adding mini-lights at Christmas, they can become a focal point year-round with no work required.
Another quick and easy way to add curb appeal is using window boxes. One of my favourite things is to change them with the seasons.
Finally, illuminating the walkway to your front door with solar lights will lead your guests or potential buyers directly to that newly painted front door. Let’s hope the weather cooperates so we can all get outside and enjoy this beautiful season.