Letters to the Editor – March 12

To the Editor:
A huge thank you to those who supported the troop morale spaghetti dinner. Over $2,000 was raised, including $400 from people who didn’t even attend the dinner. A special thanks to the volunteers who produced the meal and refreshments, and to the Grand Bend Sobey’s and No Frills stores for donating product.
Harry C. Young

To the Editor:
A big thank you to all who helped at the troop morale spaghetti dinner. Kitchen: Gayle McGregor; Brad Hawkins; Rick; and Barry Hill. Servers: Al Noxell; Joan McCullough; Jeanette Wales.
Special thanks to Mike Tieman for keeping everything full and Gord Glazier for running to the store. Many thanks to those who donated home-made sauce: Linda Hill; Fred and Helen Teeple; Mary and Jim Blair; Lois Gilbert; Marilyn Dick; Craig Coltman; and Sheila.
Our local businesses were very generous: Mike and Terri Rahn of No Frills; and Bob Uhrig of Sobey’s. It was a great success and we loved the support. Thanks to all.
Sheila Tiedeman
Grand Bend Legion Branch 498