Colour your world sensibly

Eye for Design
By Lorette Mawson

Since we are having, shall we say, an old fashioned winter, I thought why not talk about colour? This seems to be the time of year when we all could use a little colour in our living spaces. I am going to start with a quick definition of what each colour represents, which may give you the colour inspiration you need for your home.
One of my favourite colours is red, which is a colour of expression and energy. When used on walls, it has a wrapping effect.
Orange is a colour that represents warmth and nature. An upbeat colour, it also makes some feel hurried, so it may not be the best choice for a room where you want to relax.
Yellow, the happy, hopeful colour, is also considered an intellectual colour. This would make a good choice for an office or a classroom.
Right now, I wish I were seeing this colour out my window: green. Green is associated with nature, nurturing and harmony, so this would be a good colour for a bedroom, bathroom, reading area, office, or library. Many possibilities.
Purple, or violet, is associated with luxury, sophistication, and wealth. It can be overwhelming in large quantities, but very striking in accessories.
We’re seeing a lot of white these days; some see white as crisp and clean, others as sterile, and some find it stark and impersonal, while others find it calming.
The final colour I want to address is black. Black is the mystery colour, the colour of the unknown. It’s also a solid and grounding colour, and it’s a formal colour.
Knowing how colour can affect us should help you in choosing colours for your home. Other colour inspiration can come from a piece of fabric you love or your favourite clothes. We seem to gravitate to colours we love when we are buying clothes.
Soon, summer will come and we will be back to the great outdoors, but for now, I hope this little bit of colour knowledge will give you some inspiration, unless white is your colour of choice.