Candidate profiles – Lambton-Kent-Middlesex

2008 Federal Election

Joe Hill
New Democrat
Birthday: April 8,1942
Hometown: Wallaceburg
Status: Married
High School: Wallaceburg District High School
Employer: New Democratic Party
City/Town: Sarnia-Lambton
Position: Riding association president

Activities: running, cycling, triathlons
Interests: political activism, cooking, gardening
Favorite Music: blues, rock
Favorite TV Show: CBC News, The Hour
Favorite Movie: Wag the Dog and all of Michael Moore’s Stuff
Favorite Book: The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein
Favorite Quotation or Motto: “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”
About Me: Born and raised in Wallaceburg, married with four children and six grandchildren, After graduating high school in Wallaceburg, joined the RBC for two years and then changed to Nortel for 35 years based in London, Dallas and finally returning to Canada in 2002. Presently living in Sarnia.

Micheal Janssens
Christian Heritage
519-245-9458 (Strathroy)
Age: 21
Hometown: Strathroy
Status: Recently Married
Education: Athabasca University (Online)
Concentration: Political Science
 High School: Providence Reformed Collegiate
Employer: Freedom 55 Financial
City: Sarnia
Position: Financial Security Advisor
Activities: exercise, reading news
Interests: economics, politics, religion, philosophy
Favorite Music: The kind with sound.
Favorite TV Show: Better things to do.
Favorite Movie: Air Force One
Favorite Book: Anything by Robert A. Salvatore
Favorite Quotation or Motto: “Atheism: the belief that there was nothing, and then nothing happened to nothing, and then nothing exploded for no reason, creating everything, and then a bunch of everything rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which turned into dinosaurs – makes perfect sense.” – Unknown

About Me: You have most of it listed above, I’m afraid. What more can I tell you? I am a devout Christian, attending the Kerwood Canadian Reformed Church twice each Sunday. I was married just this past August to my wife, Sara. I collect medieval weaponry and armour as a hobby, and I enjoy a glass of Coke as much as the next fellow. I’m completely addicted to coffee, like most people in my profession, and last, but certainly not least: I am, like most people in the country, sick and tired of watching mainstream parties in power struggles, backroom politics, and back-stabbing treachery against each other and more importantly, against every Canadian they claim to serve.

Bev Shipley
Age: 61
Hometown: Greystead Drive, Denfield
Status: Married to Barb for 37 years, three married children, six grandchildren

Phone: 1.866-765-2254

College: Centralia College of Agriculture and Technology
Concentration: Agriculture Business & Administration
High School: Medway High School, Arva
Employer: The People of Lambton Kent Middlesex
City: Ottawa
Position: Member of Parliament

Activities: Ontario Caucus, Auto Caucus, Rural Caucus, Veterans Affairs Committee, Transport and Infrastructure Canada Committie, a number of Parliamentary Associations, past Member of the Industry Science and Technology Committee
Interests: Family, church, friends and travel
Favorite Music: Music with a positive message
Favorite TV Show: CSI
Favorite Movie: Any movie I can watch with my grandchildren
Favorite Book: Any book by John Grisham
Favorite Quotation or Motto: “God first, family second and me somewhere after that.”
About Me: I’ve never been particularly comfortable talking about myself and generally like to leave that to others. I believe I am a good husband, father and grandfather and citizen and I am very proud to be a Canadian. I work hard and believe in the value of team work because I understand that no one is an island and the best results are achieved through dedication to the task at hand, cooperation and positive relationships.

Jeff Wesley

Age: 51
Hometown: Wallaceburg
Status: Married 28 years, four children, one grandchild

Education: Honours B.A, University of Western Ontario; graduated from University of Windsor Law School last year

High School: Wallaceburg District Secondary School

Employer: Union Gas
Position: Manager of Government Relations.

Activities: certified scuba diver, play and coach hockey and soccer, fishing, duties of a “new grandparent”
Favourite Music: Nickelback, The Fray.
Favourite TV show: Law & Order, CSI, House
Favourite Movie: no one favourite; enjoy nature and adventure shows.
Favourite Book: anything by Tom Clancy.
Motto: If you work hard, do your homework and persevere, you can succeed.

Jim Johnston
Did not return our questionnaire