Wanted: vacuums

Oh where, or where, did our little vacuums go?

Keeping the Peace
By Tom Lessard

A lot of strange and wonderfully humourous goings-on occurred in Huron Park in the 70s and 80s.
One time I was employed in the stock room at Hughes Columbia Yachts and was asked by my boss to come in on a Saturday morning to help him do an inventory of all the boats.
Each boat had a kit lock up, in which was stored most of the parts and installation equipment for the employees to use and install in and on the boat. Well, we got at it and spent about four hours checking items against the boat inventories.
At about noon, one of the lead hands approached my boss and asked if he could find a vacuum cleaner as the one off his line had gone missing. We hunted all through the plant to no avail. It seemed all the vacuums had disappeared. This was a strange occurrence. With all the vacuums in the plant gone, someone either went to the store or brought one in from home.
An investigation eventually found out what had happened. Word got around that one of the employees need a few dollars. He rounded up all the vacuums, took them home and had a yard sale.
Case closed.