The new man on campus

Kevin Mills, principal
South Huron District High School

Experience: 21st year in education; Mitchell (teacher), St. Mary’s (teacher) Seaforth (vice principal), St. Mary’s (principal for last seven years)
Home: St. Mary’s
Family: Three daughters

Personal tidbits:
“When I was transferred to South Huron, my oldest girl was ecstatic because she was heading into high school and I would no longer be working at the school she would be attending.
“I like playing baseball and hockey. As a family, we camp, we bike and hike.”

Looking forward to:
“Learning more about the community and seeing what makes Exeter tick. Helping students achieve success.”

“Students have more opportunities in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Students have to be in school until they’re 18, and that’s helpful because many of them don’t mature until they’re 16 or 17 and realize the benefit of being in school. And the third thrust is participation in a high-skills major; South Huron will now offer high-skills majors in transportation and arts and culture. Students have to get required credits and co-op credits, as well as English and some certifications, such as WHMIS and first aid.”

New this year:
Activity period at the end of the day. “It will allow students to get involved in clubs and athletics, which helps improve marks, and for those kids who are struggling, there is an extra half hour for them to get extra help from a teacher. School ends at 2:50, so some kids working in town will change their work hours to start at 3:00 instead.”

To students:
“I always tell the kids my philosophy is three-fold: To take pride in what they’re doing, to promote excellence, and to create positive memories of school. If we can do all three, we’ve been successful.”

To parents:
“I’m an open person, so if they have concerns I’m willing to listen to them.”