New music school focuses on band experience

Music is a big boost for a child’s learning and self-confidence, and that’s why Ken Dinel hopes his new Grand Bend music school, The Band in You, will take off locally. Confident it will based on similar schools he has seen as a recording industry professional, Dinel is putting the finishing touches on a home studio that will house six students at a time in a real band situation.
“Each student has their own instrument and practices independently, and then they just jam,” Dinel says. “That’s how I got hooked on music, and that’s the biggest thing. You have to get children hooked on the instrument because it’s hard work at first.”
Students will learn with others their age, and will record an age-appropriate song with their peers.
“Seven to nine year olds may want to do Hannah Montana, and the older kids may want to do Nickelback. As long as the song is something they can handle and the parents consent to the song, that’s the song they’ll do.
“Really it’s about having fun. We’ll start simple at first with three chords, but they’ll know they’re playing that song.”
Classes are $20/hour, and will run for two to three months starting the week of September 30. To register, call Ken Dinel at 519-851-7013 or email thebandinyou (at)