It’s the most wonderful time of the year

New school year ushers in big changes, including one for this principal

Principal’s Page
By Jeff Reaburn

Once again the summer has flown by and it is time to get ready to return to school. The custodial staff at South Huron has been working diligently throughout the summer and the school is shiny and clean, in great shape for the arrival of the students on September 2. The only major change to the building has been an upgrade of the boiler system, which is ongoing, but should be completed well before the arrival of cold weather.
The first day of school will begin with an assembly in the large gym, after which students will report to their first period classes. Class lists for first period classes will be posted in various locations on the main floor, and students are asked to check these lists prior to the assembly so that they know where to go when they are dismissed from the assembly. Grade Nine students will be held back at the end of the assembly and escorted to their first period classes by their teachers.
In first period students will receive several items: a planner, a student information sheet, a copy of their timetable, and an insurance form. They are asked to take the information sheet home to be verified and signed by a parent, and they are asked to take the insurance form home as well. They will also be given their locker assignments in first period, and Grade Nine students will be able to purchase a lock from their first period teachers for $6.00. Students in Grades 10 – 12 who need a new lock may purchase one in the main office. The locks we sell cost a little more than those available in stores but we guarantee them and will replace them at no charge if they are defective. In addition, our locks have serial numbers that allow us to determine the combination if a student should happen to forget it, avoiding the necessity of having to cut the lock off.
First period teachers will also be collecting Student Council fees and yearbook money. The student fee will remain at $25 this year, but we have had to raise the price for a yearbook to $30 due to increased production costs. Students who wish to buy a yearbook are asked to order one as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
New staff members will be introduced at the opening day assembly, but there is one staff change that I would like to mention now. This will be my last column as principal of South Huron as I will be moving into the position of System Principal of Information Services for the Board, effective September 1. Kevin Mills, who has been principal of St. Marys DCVI for the last seven years, will take over as principal at SHDHS. Kevin and I have been colleagues and good friends for the last eight years, and I know that he will do a great job.
I have greatly enjoyed the last seven years and would like to thank the students, staff, and community for the wonderful support they have shown me. The decision to leave South Huron was a very difficult one for me, and I will miss the school tremendously. I have told Mr. Mills that he is moving into a great school, and I am sure that he will enjoy the same level of support that I have received for the last seven years. Though I will no longer be at the school, the Panther spirit will remain with me.