A Funny Thing happening at Playhouse

By Casey Lessard

Drayton Entertainment heads back to Roman times for its next musical comedy, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, running August 13 to 30 at the Huron Country Playhouse.
“It’s high, high comedy with songs,” says director Rona Waddington. “The story is about a Roman slave who makes a deal with his master that if he can win for his master the heart of the woman that his master loves, then he’ll gain his freedom.”
Stratford veteran Steve Ross is the slave, while former Canadian Idol star Elena Juatco is the love interest. Theatre legend Doug Chamberlain is the slave master.
“It’s a very enjoyable play,” Waddington says. “It’s funny, upbeat and high-spirited.What’s interesting about this play, is that it’s very dependent on the audience, which plays much more of a role in the show.”
Sometimes, too big of a role.
“We had an audience member come in the other day, and I guess they knew the whole show somehow. They literally sang along with every song from the audience. That was a bit of a surprise for the cast. It was unusual. It was kind of funny, but it’s got to be unsettling for the audience around them.”
If you want to sing along or just enjoy it, tickets are available by calling 519-238-6000.