Wedding and baby showers

Advice from Mom
By Rita Lessard

As we get older, times change. The children become adults and some adults become children. When I was younger, my parents were the authority figures; these days, there is still authority in the family, but in some instances it seems that it rests in the hands of the children. Perhaps this is because the young generation of parents today are in such a hurry for their children to grow up. What’s the big rush? Let kids be kids; they’ll soon be adults and they’ll remember their childhood with fond memories.
One thing I’ve learned from growing old, the kids to whom I gave advice now give advice to me. How very strange; perhaps I didn’t do too bad of a job along the way!
Most people don’t appreciate change unless it jingles in their pocket, but there will always be change, hopefully for the better.
The other day I was speaking to a group of ladies and we were discussing how wedding showers and baby showers have changed. Nowadays, what we used to give as wedding gifts are now the gifts we give at showers, and baby showers are just as expensive.
Regardless, I’ve always enjoyed going to showers, especially baby showers. My fondest memory of a pregnancy is that of Mike’s wife, Val. We were very excited as this would be our first grandchild.
One day Glenn, Val and I were sitting around chatting and of course Val was telling Glenn how eager she was to have the baby and Glenn – who is very kind and gentle – was smiling and saying how he was looking forward to being an uncle and on and on went the conversation. Then Val got really excited when the baby started kicking and she said to Glenn, “Would you like to see my baby?”
Glenn replied, Sure, so Val lifted her blouse and Glenn looks and says, “Wow, twins!”
Much to Val’s astonishment, it was this moment when she realized she wasn’t wearing a bra and the blouse went too high. Who would have thought Val was a flasher?
Canada Day is Glenn’s daughter’s birthday, so happy 15th birthday Olivia, and happy 141st birthday Canada!