Store clerk fights robbery attempt

A Main Street Grand Bend store clerk is shaken but safe after a robbery attempt Friday night.
Three young men, allegedly working together, tried to distract the 19-year old clerk while trying to commit theft.
One of the men allegedly grabbed the clerk and pressed his body against hers inappropriately before she pushed him away.
At the same time, the others caused a commotion at the back of the store, and the clerk left the cash register to investigate.
The third man opened the till and grabbed the store’s cash, but the clerk returned and was able to wrestle the money out of his possession before ordering the three out of the store.
Pedestrians outside apprehended one of the suspects, while two others were apprehended by police later.
Two 17 year old boys and an 18 year old man face charges of Sexual Assault, Robbery, and Flight From Police.