Golf tips – Technique lesson: weight shift and balance

Golf Tips
By Cameron Rankin
Sand Hills Golf Resort

It’s very important to have good weight shift and balance when you swing your club.
Always be in the ready position at address, weight positioned on the middle to balls of your feet and have your body weight slightly to the right: 55 per cent right leg, 45 per cent left leg. This is mainly due to your right hand being lower than your left on the grip.
This also positions your spine slightly to the right. Head definitely behind the ball with your longer clubs at address.
During the swing there is weight shift to the right leg as your hips turn and shoulders turn to the top of the backswing. The downswing starts with a lateral shift of weight to the left or to the target and then a body and hip rotation to a balanced finish with your chest and hips finishing perpendicular the target at the finish. Remember: your head does move slightly during the swing!
To achieve that balanced finish your left leg should be straight and the sole of your right shoe should be facing directly away from the target.
The two key swing elements are, maintain your spinal angle during your swing and always have your spine slightly behind the ball at impact. Remember lefties, it’s the opposite for you!