Giveaways at Tim Hortons

Advice from Mom
By Rita Lessard

By now, everybody knows about the incident where that employee gave out a free Timbit to an 11-month old baby. In this Sunday’s edition of the London Free Press, a woman wrote in to say she has the solution: she suggests that since Tim Horton’s has a box for people to put donations in for their camp charity, they should also put a donation box beside each one for babies so they can get free Timbits.
Surely you’re kidding. Who, the heck in their right mind gives babies Timbits in the first place? Don’t babies eat baby food until they’re a certain age? I had five babies, and I don’t recall giving them sweets at such an early age.
Back to the topic of the poor single mother who was fired because of her actions, I agree it was a bit harsh, but it wasn’t right and she got caught. I really don’t think she was teaching her children a good lesson when telling the world you can give free stuff away out of the goodness of your heart at the expense of your boss’ pocketbook.
I’ve worked at Tim Hortons for almost nine years, and believe me, it’s been the best job I’ve ever had. Working the night shift, I get to see people put on their stupid-hats and think I’m working at the men’s mission and I’m there to give them day old free product (the rules are, we have to throw old product away). Sorry, folks, but I can’t and won’t do it.
I remember instances where grocery store owners would complain that people would take or, for lack of a better word, steal the fruit, for example grapes or cherries. I believe a lot of people have done this and perhaps still do, but it doesn’t make it right and it is especially wrong to do it in front of your kids.
Sometimes I think people don’t come to Tim’s for the coffee, but for what they put in it. We seldom get orders for black coffee; the most popular is double cream, double sugar, but as long as we start your day off with whatever fix you need, we’re only too happy to oblige.
Although it hasn’t been the easiest job I’ve had, it definitely has been the most challenging; every day is a new adventure. Who would have thought working a job so many consider “lowly” would bring such satisfaction?
So do come in and sit a spell, and hopefully you will have a good day.
P.S. Happy belated birthday, Joan. Thanks for being such a great sister!