Cougar spotted in Port Franks?

From the OPP website:
On the 5th of May 2008, a 69 year Port Franks resident reported a possible cougar sighting on Patrick St. in the village of Port Franks. According to the witness, at approximately 7:45 p.m. he was working on a trailer in his driveway. At that time, he heard some rustling in some bushes located about 20′ away. When he went to investigate, he witnessed a large cat walk out of the bushes and across the laneway into another bush area. He then lost sight of the animal.
The cat was described as two-tone brown, light brown colour on top and a darker brown on the belly. The cat stood approximately 14-18″ tall and was about 3′ in length. The animal’s head was described as being large with longer fur. The man indicated that he was sure it was a cat but had never seen one that large before.
The animal was not aggressive and briefly looked at the man before walking away.
OPP have contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding the sighting.