Check your fundamentals

Golf Tips
By Cameron Rankin

Club head: Position your club head at right angles to your intended target line.
Grip: The back of your left hand facing your target, looking down you should see between two and three knuckles on your left hand. Right hand palm facing the target, right thumb left side of the grip and there should be a line formed between the right thumb and forefinger, if you extended that line it should point to your right shoulder. (opposite for you lefties)
Feet: Shoulder width apart, slightly wider for your longer clubs and slightly closer together for your short irons.
Ball position: Long clubs, keep the ball forward in your stance (closer to the target) and then move the ball progressively back until the middle of your stance with the pitching wedge or sand wedge.
Posture: Tilt over from the waist keeping your weight positioned on the middle of your feet and with a slight leg flex. Your arms should hang straight down from your shoulders. Keep your spine as straight as possible.
Body Alignment: Position your body parallel left of your target line (think of railway line tracks) your club head and ball on one track and your feet and body on the other. (Parallel right of your target line for you lefties)
Practice these SIX fundamentals and save a few strokes.
See your local CPGA Professional for more swing tips.
Cameron Rankin is a member of the CPGA and British PGA, and the head pro at Sand Hills Golf Resort ( in Port Franks.