Letters to the editor – April 16, 2008

To the Readers of the Grand Bend Strip,
With the ever increasing need for fundraising dollars to support community initiatives, those less fortunate and a multitude of other charitable services, now is the time to get involved and make a difference. For as little as a few hours a month, you can donate your time to a local service club. The benefits are endless, as are the rewards of giving back to the community and being part of an organization that is literally worldwide. The West Coast Lions Club is in fact a club that can help you make a difference not only for others but the sense of satisfaction that comes from belonging to a group that prides itself on many aspects of personal development and fellowship.
We invite you to attend a membership seminar located at the Pinedale Motor Inn April 16 at 7 p.m. This seminar will give a history of the Association of Lions Clubs, and insight into the work we do both at a community level and through the International Association of Lions Clubs. Please take the time to join us for an evening of fun, fellowship, and an informative presentation.
Yours in Lionism
Michael McDougall
Membership Chair Committee

The Rotary Club of Grand Bend is pleased to welcome two new members: Ed Fluter, a retired educator and extensive world traveler; and John Smits, a retired plastics engineer. Both are seeking opportunities to make a contribution.
Interested in joining? Please contact Jim at 519-238-8800 or write Grand Bend Rotary, PO Box 1261, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M 1T0

To the Editor:
The Huron CNIB “Focus on Crocus” Campaign for 2008 was a huge success. The campaign raised funds by selling pots of crocus. Funds raised will help the CNIB provide service to the 273 clients in Huron County who are blind, partially blind or deaf blind.
Of course, the campaign could not have succeeded without the help of many businesses, nursing homes, and hospitals where we had displays and sold crocus. The displays were served by many volunteers – especially members of Lions Clubs from Goderich, Wingham, Auburn, Seaforth, Blyth, Londesborough, Clinton, Vanastra and Exeter. Lions truly are the “knights of the blind.”  I trust that everyone who helped in any way – either selling or buying crocus – recognize that their help is important and is appreciated.
Sincerely, Bob Fischer
P.S. Anyone who missed the “Focus on Crocus” but wants to help would be welcome on our  fundraising “Walk Toward Independence” at the Menesetung Trail in Goderich on May 25, 2008.

Three cheers, Rita Lessard!!! (re: March 12 Advice from Mom)
Maybe your mother and my mother were related in the distant past. That was the kind of thing my mom told me too if I was too whiny… “Cut it out or I’ll give you something to really whine about.” Or, if she thought I was being too snively… “Cut it out or I’ll give you something to really cry about.” I guess it worked because I brought my kids up that way too, and they all seem the better for it.
So, let’s hear it for all those Moms who care enough about their kids to lay on a little bit of ‘tough love’ when it is needed.
Bill Metcalfe
Huron Woods