Take a flight this Valentine’s Day

By James Eddington, Eddington’s of Exeter

While trying to think of the perfect dessert for Valentines Day, I remember a wine tasting I had attended, where each wine was paired with a taste or flavour on a spoon. While each spoon had its own flavour, an array of taste can be combined into a “flight.” So for all you hopeless romantics this Valentines Day, reserve your table at Eddington’s of Exeter (519) 235-3030 or try a “flight.”

Blindfold your date and spoon-feed them one bite at a time in the order listed above. If you choose your own ingredients, select flavors that pair well together, but vary in temperature, texture, and taste. Enjoy and most of all have fun!

(Each ingredient to be served in a standard tablespoon)

Flight 1

1 x 3/4 inch cube of pear, sprinkled with pepper and seared in a hot pan for 1 minute per side
1 x 3/4 inch cube of Stilton cheese
1 roasted pecan
1 tbsp port

Flight 2

1 chocolate truffle
1 mini scoop vanilla ice cream
1 dried apricot
1 tbsp framboise (raspberry liqueur)

Flight 3

“For a good time, STRIP” (Editor’s note: I think James is referring to the newspaper).