Letter re: Church reflects time and place

Dear Casey,

The October 10th issue was in the post when we got home from being away for a time. One of the items that caught my eye was about the Baileys and their Saturday night ministry. They are responding to the recognition that the teachings of Jesus need to be presented in ways that suit the place and time in which we find ourselves. The world of theatre has long recognized that plays from the past or about the past can be made to resonate in the present. For example, The Shaw Festival’s “Saint Joan,” offered this season, is so powerful that it speaks to the world of today. In the same way, the power inherent in Jesus’ teachings can be made to speak to the world we live in. Lots of “Sunday morning churches” try very hard to do this. The Baileys are trying to do this and I congratulate them and wish them well.

Joe Wooden
Grand Bend