Career week opens new doors for students

Story and photos by Casey Lessard

What are you going to do with your life? It’s not an easy question for students to answer. The South Huron District High School council tried to help during Futures week last week.
“Each of us has our own understanding of what’s available,” says council chair Jim Brintnell, “but until you open it up, it’s hard to know what’s out there.”
Two sessions focused on small businesses and entrepreneurship.
“You have to have a goal,” said Alison Lobb of the Huron Small Business Enterprise Centre, “and then you have to put it on paper.”
Monday’s small business session inspired local shop owners to give their advice on how to be a success.
“Whatever you do, do your best,” said Wilma Truemner of Bridal Elegance in Exeter. “Do a lot of research. Go to people who know what they’re doing and ask questions.”
Julian Bayley of IceCulture reinforced the importance of a good first impression, and the importance of social skills: “You will always be using your networking skills.”
Darren Kints of Dairy Queen encouraged students to ignore naysayers: “If you listen to people who say you can’t, you won’t.”