Fall golf is here!

Golf Tips
By Cameron Rankin

Fall is the best time of the year to play: the courses are quieter, the weather is cooler, course conditions are improving after an especially dry hot summer, and the green fees are usually less, so get your last few games in before the weather breaks.
Fall is a good time to take stock of your game and get ready for next season. I would check your equipment first. Grips are the first thing to look at. Worn grips or smooth grips will rob you of distance; look into replacing them or give them a good cleaning with Comet or Ajax (powder form). Remember to check that putter grip.
Regarding your game, do some statistics on your next few rounds. The following would be a good start:

Department How Many?
Fairways hit: 6
Greens hit in regulation: 9
Total # of putts: 32
Chip & putt greens: 2
Chip & two putt greens: 7
Penalty Shots: 2

Keep it simple to start. Try and identify your weak areas and work on them this fall and be better prepared for next season.
Good Golfing.