A community market event to benefit all

By Casey Lessard

Julie Nelson has an idea she hopes will help women like her, local businesses, and area school children all at once. Nelson is organizing a community market day fundraiser at the Grand Bend Public School Thursday, September 27 starting at 6 p.m.
“I was used to working with schools so I decided to help the school here,” Nelson says. “I know fundraising is always a difficult thing to do, so this is something I wanted to do for the community.”
Nine female home-based business vendors will set up shop at the school, and ten per cent of all sales from the event will go to the school. The nine and four other businesses (Tender Spot V&S, Huckleberries gift shop, Small Wonders clothing store and Grand Bend clothing store) will also donate ten per cent of sales throughout the year on purchases by registered customers.
Thursday night, vendors will include Lorelei Battram with Alouette cosmetics, Heather Baker with Avon, Ashley Steffler with Epicure spices, Anne Thornton stained glass artist, Tara Schram with Tupperware, Karen Boars with Optionelle clothing, Julie Nelson with Signature home style, Myrna Thomas soy candles, and Colleen Goldberg with Pampered Chef.