Maintain the letter Y when chipping!

Golf Tips
By Cameron Rankin

When chipping, don’t try to lift the ball with your swing. Use the loft to get the ball airborne.
The following tips on your set up will help.

– Keep your weight on your front foot (nearest your target)
– Position ball middle to back in your stance.
– Position your hands in front of the club head at address.
– See the letter “Y”
– Optional: grip down your club on the shorter shots for more control.

During your swing, the above tips will ensure you make a descending blow on the ball, contacting the ball first and the grass after. Hold your finish to check that your forward arm and golf club shaft form a straight line.

Remember that letter Y finish.

Do the above and you will save a few strokes around the green.

Cameron Rankin is the head professional at Sand Hills Golf Resort in Port Franks.