Letters to the Editor – August 15

Our readers write…

Hi Casey,
Compliments on your paper in general, and special accolades for this special edition honouring the Regiers.
Although I didn’t have the pleasure to know them personally I feel I know Helene and Bill now and what they believed in and stood for through your various interviews with those who knew them so well. Refreshing to be able to read so much coverage about the victims instead of Jesse Imeson. How they lived their lives, their faith and witness in the Church and community has helped their family and friends and those that live in the area to start to heal and forgive the unthinkable deed done by a very troubled young man.
Thank you for your witness and thoughtful writing and reporting.
Lynda Holmes

Hi Casey,
Just wanted to comment on your coverage of the tragedy in Grand Bend. Your sensitivity to the privacy and grief of others is to be commended and your online updates were timely and informative. The service you are giving your community, without sensationalism, regarding the wishes of family, services, information about the alleged murderer, pictures, truck description, etc. is excellent.
Jamie Hurley

Beautiful tribute! Well done, Casey!
Kelly (Glavin) Lorentz
Via Email

I just want to tell you Casey what a great job you and your staff did with the tribute to Bill and Helene. I know that this issue will be a keepsake for all who knew and loved them. Keep up the good work. Thank you for this beautiful gift.
Nancy Rader

Dear Mr. Lessard,
I am a big fan of your paper. Since moving away a year ago it’s so nice to still be connected to your area with all the happenings and events. I was especially moved by your last issue with the tribute to the Regiers.
My favorite feature is the column each issue by Rita Lessard. But one thing puzzles me. Why are her columns so short? Rita and I go waaayyy back and I have never known her to write a short letter. The ones I receive are usually 7-9 pages long and beautifully written. Now, I can’t imagine that you would stifle her creativity by editing her words of love and wisdom. As her son, you must realize that each word she prints is carefully thought out and each paragraph is just as important to her as the next.
As the editor of the Strip, I’m sure you can find other ways to cut space so that Rita’s columns can be printed in their entirety!! Please don’t deny your readers her words of wisdom. We need more honesty and humor and Rita is the person to put it out there for all the world to see.
I can’t wait for my next issue to arrive. Thank you for listening.
Judith Angyal

Ed.: Thanks for your comments. As you know, this paper would not be possible without my mom’s contributions. She helps with writing, distribution and emergency financing. I try not to cut anything from her articles but sometimes it’s necessary. Please note this week’s article took mom five pages of 6”x9” note paper to write.

Dear Casey and the Grand Bend Strip,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the tickets to Miss Saigon. My husband and I attended the Sunday, July 22nd matinee and really enjoyed the show.
Thanks a million for the tickets.
Your paper is great. It’s really nice to see local people and businesses showcased.
Keep up the good work!
Sherry Selves

Ed.: Drayton Entertainment graciously gave Grand Bend Strip readers four pairs of tickets to each of Miss Saigon and Mom’s the Word.
Mom’s the Word winners: Carrie Hohner, Lisa McBride, Suzanne Toner, Deb McNair.
Miss Saigon winners: Lana Shelton-Seys, Jenny True, Patrick Adrian, and Sherry Selves.