Hold the angle

Golf Tips
By Cameron Rankin

The angle we’re discussing is caused when the wrists break during the back swing and is held during the forward swing. Allow the inside (the core or center of your body) or shoulders to move your arms to hold the angle on the forward swing. The hands and arms do nothing and are only moved by the shoulders.
Do not allow your right arm (opposite for lefties) to straighten out too early on the forward swing. You must hold the angle by allowing the right elbow to stay folded as it drops against your right hip.
If your right arm straightens out too early, your right elbow will be pulled away from the body. This is called “casting” or “clubhead throw-away” and is the main cause of power loss. The backswing should be wide with maximum extension; the forward-swing should be becoming narrower as the shoulders turn the right elbow to the right hip. Remember there are two circles, one large circle for the backswing and one smaller circle for the forward-swing.
Remember this angle for more consistent striking of the ball.

Cameron Rankin is the head pro at Sand Hills Golf Resort.