Helene and Bill

We can never know the depth of the pain the Regier family has experienced. I speak for my family and our community when I say our thoughts and prayers are with them all as they pursue healing and comfort.
I’ve learned a lot about our community this week. Learned a lot about Bill and Helene Regier, Jesse Imeson, the media, and myself, too.
I learned that Bill was more than just the man who cleaned the school my brothers and I attended all those years ago. More than the man with whom I would collect the offering at church. I learned about Helene and her life and loves. I learned that their strength, faith and love could not be shattered by one man.
I also learned about focus. To be focused means to be aware of your purpose and your intention.
Helene and Bill were focused on their goals in life: faith and family. For them, the two went hand in hand. Everyone who met them benefited, and their contributions will remain physically and spiritually in the Mount Carmel church community.
Jesse Imeson was focused enough to not let anything get in the way of what he wanted. We’ve all suffered as a result.
The media has been focused on the day’s headlines, learning as much as possible in as short of time as possible. Everyone wants to be the first with the story, no matter the cost.
Jamie Tomes, a family friend, addressed this last point after looking at my coverage on GrandBendStrip.com. He thought I had lost my focus, and at that time, I believe he was right.
My focus since then has been to remember what we lost Monday.
We lost two caring citizens and we also lost a part of ourselves.
We know we can never restore our innocents – Helene and Bill Regier. Let’s pray that we can restore our innocence.

Casey Lessard