Did Tom deserve award?

Advice from mom
By Rita Lessard

Nurses deserve a lot of credit. They’re doing the best they can. Sometimes I’m sure their patience is stretched with some of their patients. I say, keep up the good work.

A model patient
Since Tom has been in and out of the hospital for the last five months (eventually losing his leg below the knee due to circulation problems), we’ve witnessed all the good work nurses do. I suppose it helps if the nurses have great patients like Tom; at least, Tom said that the nurses were singing his praises as a very nice patient and they were sorry to see him leave.
On the ride home from his surgery, Tom said he was surprised he didn’t get an award.
I thought that was a little much. I’m sure he wasn’t so special that he deserved an award. I asked him, “Why would you get an award?”
He said, “Well that’s what I wanted.”
I said, “Well, not everyone gets an award. That’s stretching it.”
Tom said, “Yeah, but it’s very lonely in a room without other people.”
That’s when I realized he wanted in a ward, not an award. I almost peed my pants, I was laughing so hard.

Honesty is the best policy
Honesty is the best policy, but I’ve never understood the impulse to be honest when it serves no purpose other than to hurt someone.
Say, for example, your friend is showing off her new baby and this child is as ugly as dirt. Surely, you’re not going to tell her that! Better to say, “How lucky for you. I hope he’s healthy.” Now isn’t that better?
Sometimes people want you to be dishonest. Another example, my friend purchased something at the store and when she got her change back, the cashier had made a mistake in her change to my friend’s advantage. She told the cashier this and the cashier responded very indignantly, “I don’t make mistakes.”
So my friend walks away, but she feels bad and puts the extra change into the box for the poor at the church.

Lessons in honesty
Be honest with your kids and they will trust you.
Be honest with your boss: eight hours pay equals eight hours work.
Bosses: If an employee has the decency to give you notice of resignation, resist shortening their remaining hours as revenge. You can be honest, too.