Kids: slow down this summer

Advice from mom
By Rita Lessard

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer holidays. I suppose you’re out there swimming and playing different kinds of outdoor games and sports. Not to be a nag, but I truly think it would be a good idea for you to take a break now and then from the physical exercise to get some mental exercise. Grab a favourite book or two and read, even if the books have a lot of pictures. I used to read comic books; I don’t know if they’re that popular today. Regardless, grab anything with the written word and enjoy it. If you’re reading this, you’ve obviously got the idea. You might just find something of interest elsewhere in here for you.
Please keep safe and remember safety, especially if you’re around water. Always swim with a friend.
If you’re a bike rider, my friend Alice McNair tells me that kids and adults tend to ride on sidewalks or the wrong side of the road. She’s among many who find this irritating, so if you have access to a bicycle path, please use it. Some older people have a low patience threshold. I think mine has been tested in the last few months, what with the heat, sitting in traffic because of the construction in Crediton, and helping take care of Tom; I may just lose it one of these days! So far, so good, but look out – I may just blow!

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