How to recognize your friends

Advice from mom
By Rita Lessard

One night (a long time ago) I was out with my girlfriends and I ended up at the Dashwood Hotel. This was my first visit to this hotel so I wasn’t familiar with the layout. After enjoying a few drinks I needed to use the washroom and I asked my friends where the women’s room was. They pointed to a hallway. When I got there both signs said men’s.
Apparently the “wo” fell off the women’s room but I remembered the girls had said it was the door on the right. I went in and was confronted with an unusual looking toilet. Determined to figure out how to use the contraption, I backed up into this thing (without removing my clothes) to see how it would fit if I sat down. As I was doing this, a guy walked in and said, “Do you realize that this is the men’s washroom?”
I had to think fast so I said, “Of course. I’m just in here making sure everything is in working order.” I marched myself out of there, back to my so-called friends who were laughing their guts out.
I guess the moral of this story is to look before you pee or is that look before you leap?

Hint for hot day
When you go grocery shopping, take a cooler with ice in it so you can keep frozen and perishable food cold.

Food safety tips
Harmful bacteria can be on any food. To prevent this follow these steps:
1. Chill food as promptly as possible.
2. Clean your hands and kitchen surface often.
3. Separate foods. Don’t cross-contaminate.
4. Cook thoroughly. Use a meat and poultry thermometer for your own safety.
– Sheila Tiedeman