Angela Michielsen - shot with Holga cameraThe people behind the scenes are often the ones who never get the credit they deserve.
As I face every new issue of the Grand Bend Strip, Angela is a tower of strength and keeps encouraging me to push ahead. As of this week, she understands my struggles first-hand. She typed in almost all of the text in this issue, transcribing my interviews verbatim. She contributed about eight hours of typing, which in a normal week I would have done myself. It’s a lot of work, and without her contribution, you would not be reading this right now.
Anj, you’re a great woman who treats me really well, so thanks.
My mom’s amazing, too. Not only has she helped me a lot over the years and recently, but she’s a true model for her work taking care of people. Over the years, she’s taken care of six men (before you get the wrong idea, I’m talking about my dad and the five of us boys). Now, with my dad recovering from surgery, I’m sure she’ll demonstrate her strength again.
I realize it’s not Mother’s Day or anything like that, but we don’t need an excuse to say thanks. We need to take care of each other and show our gratitude when we get the chance.

Casey Lessard