Reader profile: Grace Bragg

Grand Bend Strip reader and Grand Bend resident Grace BraggInterests
Politics (life-long Liberal), Hollywood memorabilia (her late husband got her interested in Marilyn Monroe), reading (“we have a tremendous library here”) and being active (Grace does aerobics three times a week, golfs, and walks Ivy Mist). Grace also heats meals for Lambton Elderly Outreach.

How she met her husband
I went to a Liberal convention in the 50s by myself and that’s where I met Bill Bragg; he was a reporter for the Toronto Star. Someone introduced me because I didn’t know anyone. We went to lunches together, then to meetings, then we went swimming together.
A week after I got home to Hamilton, I got a letter. It was from Vauxhall Drive in Scarborough. I didn’t open it because I had just bought a Vauxhall and I thought it was an ad.
Then about a week later, I got a call from Bill and he asked whether I got his letter. I said, “Oh!” and then I read it.
We were married September 15, 1959. Bill was originally from St. Mary’s so he knew this area. We started bringing the kids here. We had a cottage for years and we sold it when I retired at 55. He was 60. That was 20 years ago.

Can’t beat the Bend
I love Grand Bend because we can walk to anything we need. Everything is handy. I walk to the beach. It’s just so calming. You don’t have to be bored here. It’s a great community.

Exercise has been a big help
I had a mini-stroke four years ago. I’ve had jaw, breast and colon cancer. The benefits of exercise have been really good for my health problems. I feel quite good now.