Are you ready for your tee-time?

Golf Tips
By Cameron Rankin

Most recreational golfers’ are rushing to the 1st tee from work after a short or long commute and they wonder why their round starts off so badly.
Golf course owners and operators throughout the world would ideally like all players to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before their tee-times. This gives you time to check in for your official tee-time and organize a golf cart rental if required, plus pay for your green fee etc.
Additionally if you could give yourself another 15 to 20 minutes before you tee-off you could hit a small bucket of range balls. Start by doing a few stretching exercises; some practice swings then start hitting some balls. Start with some short wedge shots to set your swing tempo for the day, then move to some fuller swings with some mid and long irons and if you have time finish off with some driver shots. Remember to leave time for some chip shots and putts to give you an idea of the pace of the greens for the day.
Give yourself this time and I guarantee you will start off your round with lower scores.

Cameron Rankin is a member of the CPGA and British PGA, and the head pro at Sand Hills Golf Resort between Port Franks and Thedford.