Ah, the memories!

Matt Jaques and Steph Pearson - a hot item at SHDHS - with the publisher before prom 1993. Jaques is now a restaurant manager and boat captain in Nanaimo, BC while Pearson teaches in Ottawa.Share your prom memories and photos with our readers

I’ve been to three proms, and they just keep getting better. The first time was 15 years ago at South Huron District High School, and it was fun, but nothing like the year after. That year, I got to have dinner with my best friends (see photo at right), get my hair poofed back (okay, it always looked that way), and win Student of the Year honours.
Last year was my third time at a prom, this time taking photos for the Haliburton newspaper. I spent many hours following a group of young adults as they celebrated their year and the future. That night resulted in two newspaper awards, and I helped preserve memories for people in that community.

I would love to hear what your prom memories are. If you are still with your high school sweetheart and have made it work after all these years, send me a photo of your prom (it wil l be returned if it’s on paper – call me if you need me to pick it up in person) and tell me about your memories.

Casey Lessard