Is it school time already?

View from the Strip
By Casey Lessard

I guess summer’s over, now that the kids are getting ready for school again. Angela and I are getting ready again, too. In preparation, we’ve both taken a brief vacation and it’s over already. Where does the time go?
With all these people heading back to school, it’s nice to be able to encourage those who aren’t going back to consider the importance of lifelong learning. Partners in Learning (pg. 6) is a great way to learn more about yourself, your neighbours and topics of concern to all of us. After all, life continues after retirement; in fact, it seems as if the more available you are, the busier you get.
A group of seniors keeping busy is the squad producing Babes of the Bend at Grand Cove (pg. 3). We had a great time producing the photos you see here, and I’m sure the show will be lots of fun.
It’s been nice to watch the Olympics on television, especially considering we don’t own a TV. We’ve spent many nights at our friends’ house this month cheering on Canadians and the underdogs.
If you want to cheer on locals about to make a splash on the world stage, check out the Bluewater Tug of War team heading to the world championships next week. The tournament website has a live video stream.
Grand Bend favourite Mookie Morris is out of Canadian Idol, but local motocross rider Dylan Kaelin had more success at the Walton TransCan championships. He won two divisions, and is hoping to get a sponsored ride in the States this year. Keep up the good work!
Speaking of good work, South Huron DHS principal Jeff Reaburn got a promotion to the board office, so congratulations are in order. I’m sure the students and staff will miss you, so good luck with your new position.
I’d like to mention an oversight from our food issue: I was talking about vegan food, and I forgot to mention the great burritos and other vegetarian offerings at Jalapeños on the main strip. If you can think of other great veggie places, let me know and perhaps I’ll have to do a vegetarian issue soon.